Emperor Yes VS Portasound

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Emperor Yes Vs Portasound

Emperor Yes Vs Portasound

we did a remix swap with our great friends Portasound


Summer Camps new EP “ALWAYS”

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Summer Camp’s new EP is out, you can hear the first single called Always here and the second single here

new EP

new EP

i have worked on and off with Jeremy since 2006 in about as many different roles as music has to offer. driver, tour manager, sound man, engineer, filmer, groupie, i’ve done them all. everyone who thinks they work hard should measure them selves against Jeremy,  he is a force to be reckoned with, and the source of much knowledge.

all the live drums on the EP were recorded here a couple of months ago, played by William Bowerman.

Death to Dreaming @ House of Strange

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Alex Mattinson from Emmy the Great’s band has started a new project called Death to Dreaming, its electro and fuzzy. he spent a weekend here with Grace Banks and we made these two tunes Monster Mask, Screen Tests

all the synths were done using the Dave Smith Evolver, Roland Alpha Juno and alex’s Yamaha Sk80. there is lots of memory man on everything 😀

Alex and Grundy

Alex and Grundy

thanks to Grundy Le Zimbra for his engineering help and Max Klein for the mastering

MA live in the studio

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late last year i recorded this live session with London based noise makers MA.

they have a bunch of dates around the UK and Europe coming up, you can here more of their music here

filmed by George Nindi, Louis Nindi and Scott Jackson

Emperor Yes have gone live

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Emperor yes have finally taken to the stage, we have had 4 gigs so far and lots more coming.

Bull and Gate

Bull and Gate

we have lots of exciting plans to do with releases and art coming soon. ahoy 😛

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Milo Tchais paints in the studio

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more painting!! Milo Tchais has been living in London for ages, and has been making this place super colorful.

Milo and the totem pole

Milo and the totem pole

he has just finished making some awesome iphone covers, go check them here (there are also some done by Billy 😀 yay)

Stop Motion Climbing in Ropponggi, Tokyo

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when i was in Tokyo last year i met Tak Nakano, a photographer from Australia. we spent an afternoon getting drunk, taking photos and making this.

i was probably only climbing around for an hour but everything hurt for about a week.

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